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FOR RELEASE: April 22, 2002

Kelly Cusinato, Cadillac Communications

Dan Flores, GM Manufacturing

Cadillac Commemorates the End of an Era as the Last Eldorado Rolls Off the Assembly Line

DETROIT -- As production of the Cadillac Eldorado winds down today after nearly fifty years of production, so too winds down a rich, colorful chapter in Cadillac’s 100-year history.

The last of 1,596 Collector Series 2002 Eldorados built to commemorate this event and to pay homage to the Eldorado’s place in automotive lore, rolls off the assembly line today at the Lansing Craft Centre, in Lansing, Mich. While production of the famous nameplate has ceased, the Eldorado name will forever be a part of Cadillac’s storied past — and perhaps its future as well.

The 2002 Collector Series, available in two of the Eldorado’s original colors (Alpine White and Aztec Red), was built in limited numbers to reflect three batches of the original 532 Eldorados built back in 1953.

For nearly half-a-century, the exclusive attributes of the Cadillac Eldorado have helped distinguish GM’s luxury division from its competition. Long considered to be the ultimate in prestige, the Eldorado nameplate has also served as GM’s technological showcase over the years, consistently debuting groundbreaking innovations and designs. The first Eldorado produced in 1953 was created be a truly American sports car that took power and luxury to a new level. The early Eldorados also featured one of the most famous and uniquely American design cues: the tail fin. Inspired by the Lockheed’s P-38 Lightening Aircraft, this design cue reached its pinnacle with the 1959 Eldorado Biarritz and will forever be part of American popular culture.

“The Eldorado was a ‘halo’ car for Cadillac and marked the beginning of a long period of luxury leadership for the Eldorado nameplate and the Cadillac brand. Now, in our centennial year, we continue this leadership with a new generation of luxury vehicles,” Mark LaNeve, Cadillac general manager said. “In design and spirit, the much-anticipated Cadillac XLR, due out mid- 2003, will take the place originally held by the Eldorado as Cadillac’s truly American ultimate luxury roadster.”

The final Eldorado produced at the Lansing Craft Centre will be donated to the Cadillac Museum in honor of Don Massey, of Don Massey Cadillac, formerly one of the largest Cadillac dealerships in the United States. Nicola Bulgari, vice chairman of Bulgari S.p.A., known for their fine BVLGARI jewelry and watches, will purchase the second to last Eldorado to roll off the assembly line to add to his collection of classic cars in Rome, Italy.

With the build-out of the Eldorado, the Lansing Craft Centre will begin preparations for production of the Chevy SSR.

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