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Media Services

We recognize that getting the latest news releases as quickly as possible, wherever you may be, is very important. To this end, we offer both e-mail and SMS notification services where available (in addition to other press release distribution methods GM uses in various countries) so that you can be notified immediately about the latest GM corporate and product news - any time, anywhere.

Our e-mail service will ensure that you will be notified of our corporate and product press releases via your e-mail as soon as they are issued. If you request this service, we will e-mail you the title and first paragraph of each press release in the categories you choose and provide you with a link to view the full press release on line.

SMS service is used only for significant unscheduled advisories and news releases. Your cell phone will not be spammed with notices about every release coming out of GM.

In order to receive our e-mail or SMS service, you will need to register your pertinent information which will remain strictly confidential. You can register by clicking on the "Email Sign-up" and/or "SMS Service Sign-up" links on the left. Follow on-screen directions to fill in and submit the required registration forms.

Our goal is to make sure that you have the access to GM news that you desire. We hope that you will find these services to be of value and appreciate any feedback that you may have about our GM media website and our e-mail and SMS services.

Access to high resolution photography requires a user ID and Password. Please note that you can establish any unique ID or Password you desire. Use the "Register for ID and Password" link.

To assure we can communicate with you, please keep your contact information up to date. You may change your personal profile information at any time by clicking the " Modify Personal Profile " link on the left.

Regards, GM Corporate Communications