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06 October, 2009


The Chevrolet Agile: A Car That Exceeds Expectations In Every Way

This new hatchback brings the latest in advanced exterior and interior design, comfort and convenience features, and technology, introducing the latest evolution in engine efficiency: the 1.4L (Econo.Flex) engine with the new electronic management system developed by GM

Chevrolet has established a new benchmark in the compact hatchback market segment with the October 2009 launch of the Agile, a model fully developed in the most advanced automotive technology center in Latin America located in Brazil and produced in Argentina, for the Mercosur region.

The new Chevrolet Agile surpasses the compact hatchback competition in every way, with its innovative exterior and interior design, its advanced functionality, its unequaled safety and its leading-edge technology on board. The Agile is equipped with the efficient and reliable 1.4L (Econo.Flex) engine -- now with a new electronic management system developed by General Motors of Brazil.

Available in two versions for Brazil -- the LT and LTZ, and three versions for Argentina - the LS, LT and LTZ, the Agile was developed to meet the needs of modern motorists.

The Agile is a unique car, both outside and inside. Externally, the car displays Chevrolet's new global identity, with a large trapezoidal shaped radiator grille element, on which the golden "bow tie" is affixed. The design is modern and differentiated, giving the Agile a crossover appearance and an elegant and dynamic profile. The interior is impressive, with its high quality and refinement. It is distinguished by the "dual cockpit" design that provides a distinct experience for the driver and passenger and amplifies the model's functionality and sophistication. In addition to incorporating convenience features that are unique in the market segment and are developed to benefit the car's occupants, the Agile delivers pure driving pleasure and makes life onboard easy.

"Chevrolet's goal is to provide a unique product to a group of very demanding consumers, people who want to buy a car that stands out, a car with exclusive and innovative design that offers a wide range of functional and comfort features, and uses high technology to deliver high quality. In a few words, we tried to create a complete automobile, one that surpasses the competition", emphasizes Jaime Ardila, president of GM of Brazil and Mercosur.

The Chevrolet Agile was created and developed exclusively by the Brazilian design and engineering teams at the new Technology Center in SŃo Caetano do Sul (Sao Paulo State) and at the Cruz Alta Testing Ground in Indaiatuba (Sao Paulo State). "The Agile is an unmistakable demonstration of the creative and innovative capacity of Brazilian design and engineering teams. It reinforces our technological competence and our top priority: We are committed to offering the best product to the consumer", asserts JosÚ Carlos Pinheiro Neto, vice president of GM of Brazil.

Under the hood of the Chevrolet Agile is the already familiar and efficient 1.4L engine, which produces 102 hp at 6000 rpm when fueled with alcohol and 97 hp when running on gasoline -- developed by GM Powertrain. However, this new Chevrolet model's engine also brings something new: "System Zero", an engine management system designed by GM exclusively for 'flex fuel' vehicles.

Beyond its innovative design and technology, the Agile also stands out because of its exclusive and differentiated features in this market segment, such as cruise control, an on-board computer with six functions, adjustable driver's seat and steering wheel -- solutions desired by Chevrolet customers, but typically available on more upscale vehicles. The Agile has 27 small storage compartments including a special holder for a GPS navigation device as well as an attractive and innovative dashboard filled with resources and digital instruments that blend perfectly with the analog displays.

The 1.4L Engine's New Electronic Management System

The Chevrolet Agile is equipped with an efficient, 1.4L (Econoflex) engine developed by the GM Powertrain of Brazil. It utilizes 'flex fuel' technology, which enables the car to be fueled with alcohol or gasoline, or with both at any mixture ratio.

The 1.4L engine that equips the new Chevrolet model brings with it the new "System Zero", an engine management system developed by GM exclusively for 'flex fuel' vehicles. Its processor has increased speed and memory.

The new engine management system contains one of the most complete software programs in the automotive industry. The software was created, designed and developed by General Motors. The system incorporates the company's global expertise in engine management, and it comes with the latest generation of sensors that can effectively measure the amount of air taken in by the engine, thus enabling a more accurate calculation of the amount of fuel to be utilized, contributing to improved fuel consumption.

The Chevrolet Agile will initially be sold in Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay.


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