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WARREN, Mich. -- The "Malibu" name has been an important part of Chevrolet history. It debuted as versions of the "Chevelle," an all-new, midsize vehicle line of passenger cars that Chevrolet introduced in 1964. The Chevelle series consisted of three versions: 300 series, Malibu and Malibu Super Sport. Malibu has been available in various body styles during its 20-year history, depending on the year: coupe, sedan, convertible, station wagon and pickup (El Camino).

Significant years include:

Malibu debuts as a sport coupe; convertible; 4-door sedan; 4-door station wagon with 2 or 3 bench seats. Malibu Super Sport features two models: coupe and convertible.

First all-new body and all-new interior since 64 introduction.

Completely restyled interior and new Colonnade hardtop design.

Standard 250 CID 6-cylinder engine received most extensive changes since 1964, and Malibu got catalytic converter.

The Chevelle nameplate was dropped, and the Malibu name stood on its own. A new 3.3-liter (200 CID) V6 engine became the standard powerplant (except for California).

El Camino Pickup offered with Malibu Classic interior and exterior appointments for the first time. Exterior features included distinctive grille work and headlamps. Shared interior features included a revised instrument panel.

Computer Command Control system for precise fuel control was standard.

Final year for Malibu as Chevrolet began phasing in a replacement -- the all-new, front-wheel-drive, midsize Celebrity -- in 1982. Combined sales of the various Malibu and Chevelle models since 1964 were 6,478,472. (Chevrolet did not track Chevelle and Malibu sales separately.)

Malibu is transformed into an all-new, contemporary midsize sedan in two models: Malibu sedan and LS sedan. Its midsize interior is roomy for driver and passengers, while its exterior dimensions make it easy to park and maneuver.

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