2005 News Releases

2005-12-29 Holden Euro 3 Compliance, Model Changes

2005-12-20 Holden Commodore Out In Force For Vic Police

2005-12-19 Aussie-Built V6 Engine Delivers Most Powerful Rodeo

2005-12-06 GM Holden takes on global design role

2005-11-30 Holden Celebrates Four Millionth Export Engine

2005-11-23 Holden Monaro Out In Force for Queensland Police

2005-11-21 Motoring Tips for the Holidays

2005-10-19 Holden Goes Wild at Melbourne 4X4 Show

2005-10-12 Holden's Wild Hot Rod Brings FJ Back to Life

2005-10-12 Wild EFIJY Custom Coupe, Seven-Seater SUV Concept Head Holden's Sydney Motor Show Line-Up

2005-10-12 S3X Strikes the Right Note for Holden

2005-10-07 Holden Barina Ushers in New Era with Red-Hot Value

2005-10-07 Holden's Small Car Renaissance Takes Shape

2005-10-07 Viva is Holden's Big News in Small Cars

2005-09-27 2005 Special Edition VZ Commodore Lumina

2005-09-26 Executive Director - Sales, Marketing and Aftersales

2005-09-23 Holden's New Tigra Hardtop Convertible Does It In Style

2005-09-22 Star student returns to Solar Challenge 15 years on

2005-09-12 Extra temptation for Holden's performance heroes

2005-09-07 GM Holden Launches Dual-Fuel Commodore

2005-08-25 Statement re: GM Holden incident

2005-08-25 Holden Moves to Protect Future in Australia

2005-08-17 150 Holdens Crushed for Emergency's Sake

2005-08-12 Andrew Bogut, First Draft Pick in Last Monaro

2005-07-25 Last Hurrah for Holden's Legendary Monaro

2005-07-18 Three Doors Or Five? Sporty Coupe And Versatile Wagon Strengthen Astra Range

2005-07-05 Holden hits record first half sales

2005-06-24 New Barina and Viva To Join Holden's Four Cylinder Ranks

2005-06-24 GM Holden Ltd Safety Recall: RA Rodeo Specific Variants

2005-06-07 Holden's VZ AWD Range Heads Outback At Sydney 4X4 Show

2005-05-31 Australian Trade Minister Helps Introduce Holden Flagship Cars To South Korea

2005-05-29 2005 Special Edition Statesman International

2005-05-18 Holden Unveils New Headquarters In Port Melbourne

2005-05-13 Norm Beechey's Monaro Voted the Top Competition Muscle Car of All-Time

2005-04-29 Kicking Up a Storm: Holden's Special Edition Ute and Crewman

2005-04-22 2005 Special Edition VZ Commodore Equipe

2005-04-15 Holden's VZ Awd Range Features At Brisbane 4X4 Motor Show

2005-04-12 Holden To Import Cars From South Korea

2005-04-07 Holden Small Cars Take Pride Of Place In Perth

2005-04-05 Holden Scores First Quarter Sales Record

2005-03-15 Holden Welcomes UAE-Australia Free Trade Negotiations

2005-03-03 Holden Market Leader In February

2005-03-02 Holden Takes Lion's Share At Melbourne Motor Show

2005-03-02 New Euro Trio From Holden

2005-02-28 Victoria Police Holden Divisional Van

2005-02-08 Holden's Astra Classic Value Is Now Even Sharper

2005-02-03 VZ Holden Adventra All Road Wagon

2005-02-03 New Holden Crewman Cross 6

2005-02-03 Holden's New All Wheel Drive One Tonner Cross 6 Is A Tradie's Dream

2005-01-27 Holden's Elizabeth Plant Drives Past A 40-Year Milestone

2005-01-19 Holden Sets All-Time Vehicle Export Record

2005-01-06 Commodore And LCVs Drive Record Holden Results

2005-01-04 General Motors Pledges Aid to Tsunami Disaster Victims

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